C.A.S.T - Community of Actors Sharing in Theatre

Who is C.A.S.T?

What is C.A.S.T?

Community of Actors Sharing in Theatre (CAST) is a theatre program designed for actors age 16+ that identify as disabled. Our mission is to create a community of universal acceptance that offers all members an opportunity to learn and to shine and recognizes their talents with the applause they deserve. C.A.S.T. aspires to create an additional social circle for disabled teens and adults and encourages self-expression through interaction and engagement with the arts. Our program is a collaboration with adult volunteers, experienced actors and actresses, music teachers, music therapists, and theatrical production professionals to make this the best experience and production possible for our actors.

​​​A Message from the Founder and Director, Karalyn Joseph
​My inspiration for this project came from my friendship with a teenager who I performed with at a theatre program nearby. His social skills and ability to connect and communicate with others improved beyond belief throughout the show.  In addition, I volunteered for Willowdale's 'Night To Shine' Prom for people with special needs and was stationed in the 'karaoke room.' I was astounded by not only the talent of the guests but their enjoyment and enthusiasm when on stage or even cheering for friends.  This got me thinking about the possibility of creating an opportunity for people who are frequently sidelined in the arts to participate in a full theatrical production as a learning and community experience.  I am an avid participant in many theatre programs, both professional and community. I personally am on a collegiate path at Harvard studying and researching music, theatre, and neuroscience. 

Karalyn Joseph