There are many ways to get involved with CAST!

Actor: sing, dance, and act onstage as part of the cast! REGISTER HERE

Buddy:assist actors as needed during the rehearsal process and onstage during shows as a full member of the cast! REGISTER HERE

Stage/Tech Crew: help to build and paint sets; during the shows, work backstage moving set pieces, changing scenery, working lights,  etc. Email with interest/questions. 

Usher:get a free ticket to the show by helping sell refreshments, helping patrons find seats, and selling tickets at the door. Email with interest/questions. 

Backstage Assistant: Assist cast members with quick changes, make-up and hair,  and entrances. Email with interest/questions. (Interview and background check required.)

Other: If you have a specific set of theatre-related skills--or just lots of passion!--(i.e. projection design, lighting design, artistic ability, costume design, training in medicine or therapy, music/acting/dance training and teaching experience, playing it the orchestra, etc.), email to find an individualized role for you!

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